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And then there is....


cool intro tho'...
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Thought people would like to know:

"Doctor Who" set to return to TV 
BBC cult series will air again in 2005; Doctor unknown 

Legendary science fiction hero Doctor Who is time 
jumping once more, set to return to British television 
more than a decade after he disappeared into space, 
the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said on 
THE CULT SERIES that aired from 1963-1989 to become 
the world's longest-running science fiction programme 
will return in 2005, but details about the new shows 
are being kept secret.
"The new series will be fun, exciting, 
contemporary and scary," series writer Russell T 
Davies said.
"Although I'm only in the early stages of 
development, I'm aiming to write a full-blooded drama 
which embraces the Doctor Who heritage," he said.
The original programmes chronicled the 
adventures of eight Doctors and their many companions 
who battled countless foes -human, alien and most 
notoriously the "Daleks" - as they travelled through 
time and space in a time machine disguised as a police 
phone box.
Doctor Who has also thrived in print and on 
stage and has spawned countless devotional web sites.
A Doctor Who television movie was broadcast in 
1996 and it returned to the Internet for a 30-minute 
web broadcast in 2001.
William Hartnell played the first Doctor Who. 
The actor who will star as his latest incarnation has 
not been named.


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