[Elfsea] SCA items for sale

susant@unt.edu susant at unt.edu
Sun Sep 28 08:33:44 PDT 2003

Greetings everyone:

We are having an SCA sale.  Why you may ask?  Because we have more stuff than 
you can ever imagine and we thought we would share our wealth with those who 
might be interested.

Here are some of the things that we have to offer (in no particular order):

1) Over 15 bolts of fabric (everything from muslim to brocade - prices vary)
2) 9 EXTRA sets of feast gear
3) something like 5 black trash bags full of raw wool - some clean and some 
not cleaned
4) some natural dye items such as indigo cochineal, etc.
5) a few reference books that I might be willing to let go of.
6) A Cart/Wagon that holds something like 100 lbs of weight.
7) We have around 15 dozen buttons.
8) We have a period pavilion for sale (ask for details if you are interested)
9) 10 foot cargo trailer (ask for details if you want them)

(get the hint so far as to why we want to have a sale?)

We are not getting out of the SCA (although since we haven't been around 
awhile it may seem so), we are just narrowing down my stuff.

There are many other SCA things that we have to offer.  We're sure if you are 
interested, we have several sets around here somewhere (heavy and light 
fighing equipment EXCLUDED!).  If are interested, you can either e-mail us 
susant at unt.edu or call us at (940) 383-1270 - weekends and evenings.

Lord David de la Roke and Lady Lavina

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