[Elfsea] Thank you's from Brigit (long)

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For those of us whose stamina ain't what it used to be, and had to take
their tired feet and children home....

Who won?


p.s. Thank *you* Briget, for your dreams along with your seemingly tireless
enthusiasm and devotion to your craft.

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How does one truely express just how greatful one is
to so many who donated so much in talent, supplies and

Words fail to do justice to how full my heart is full
with gratitude to all the fine people who did so very
much to bring a dream alive this weekend.

To Her Grace Duchess Willow. I thank you for setting
me on this path some many years ago. You first started
having haflas in this Kingdom and opened my eyes to
the art of Middle Eastern dance. You were very kind
and generous to offer the use of your MANY rugs and
pillows. The banners and wall hangings were the
finishing touch to the tent. I am glad that Roger Red
Hand created these pillows and that you were able to
loan them to me.

To the Lady Dangerous who inspired me to continue on
this path. Dear Lady you are most kind to loan me so
many pretty rugs and the huge brass table top was a
life saver. Your Desert Dancer banner was the center
piece of the decorations. She is beautiful and was
much admired.

To Lady Abigale of Exiter from the Shire of Tempio. My
dear sister, you are one of the hardest workers I have
ever had the pleasure of working with. You helped me
stay sane (or as sane as I was going to get) and your
eye for decoration is wonderful. I could not have done
this with out you. Thank you for the administrative
support and for taking care of the judges fore me. You
helped me in so many ways that I will spend a lifetime
thanking you. Tempio has a treasure in you dear Lady.

To the Lady Angelique my sister in the Fray. How
unfulfilled the day would have been with out you. Your
unending energy, sense of humor and keeper of the
crazy lady (me)helped us all have a wonderous event.
Where do you get your energy??? Between you and
Abigale I was hard pressed to keep up :) Thank you for
taking care of me and seeing that the dancers were
taken care of as well.

To Morgan and Isabell...FOOD! Yummy! I thank you for
all your hard work and being the food vaccume that i
am I would love to have those recipies. Thank you both
for being there. It ment a lot to us all.

To Centurian Thomas. You how kept the show moving
along. Who knew you could dance so well (grin)
Thankyou for being my MC. Your humor and flexability
added to the occasion greatly.

To the Fray...you guys helped break down Sunday
morning and helped me to not break down. You all have
been there for me emotionaly as well as physicaly.
Thankyou guys. I love you all.

To my judges...I will be sending you personal Thank
you's today. I would like to say that you all helped
me learn and how to improve future events like this
one. I am blessed for having worked with each of you.

To the Shire of Rosenfeld I wish to thank you for the
generous loan of your monster tent this weekend. I
have never worked so hard in my life as I did helping
to set that rascale up. Whew! You guys are great.

To the Barony of Elfsea I wish to thank you all for
giving so gererously of your time, resources and
christmas lights (grin) You guys make me very glad to
call Elfsea home.

To Lady Maria, Lady Innes, Lady Maeb and Kim...The
tassels were awsome and the pillows we made were a
hitThey added so much to the decor of the event. It a
night to remember for all.

To my Darling husband. How could I do anything with
out your support and love? You are my support system,
my coach, my cheerleader, my sounding board and so
many other things. Without you my dreams can not take
flight. Thank you.

I know that there where so very many people who put in
so very much and I hope that I do not offend anyone by
not remebering their kindness.

In service,

HL Brigit

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