[Elfsea] Thank you's from Brigit (long)

Daungerous (Donna R. Thompson) Daungerous at ev1.net
Mon Sep 29 11:44:32 PDT 2003

Wow! That must have been some evening =).  DETAILS woman!! Who won? LOL =) Linda and I really missed being there, mostly because we know what an awesome party you always have, but also it's a family tradition for her birthday.  But, alas, high school activities are more consuming than the SCA ever thought about being, hehe =).  I'm so proud of you! I know it was wonderful, now DO TELL! =)

Love, Daungerous, proud marching band mom
Pvt. Miller's Mom
Pretty is as Pretty does
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  How does one truely express just how greatful one is
  to so many who donated so much in talent, supplies and

  Words fail to do justice to how full my heart is full
  with gratitude to all the fine people who did so very
  much to bring a dream alive this weekend.

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