[Elfsea] Thank you's from Brigit (long)

Lady saviti ddancer_saviti at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 29 11:45:43 PDT 2003

(smacking forehead)

HL Rhinnion (another name here) Mclaughton...I think
that is the spelling. I am at work and do not have the
paper with me.

Our own Lady Toren Seven Stitches came in runner up
and blew me away with her costume and dance. I am so
glad that I did not have to compete! She also kept me
from catching the tent on fire by showing us how to do
the lights safely. Toren hung up enough of her
icecicle lights that the inside of the tent was ablaze
(safely) with light!

Vivat the dancers!

--- Vicki Marsh <XaraXene at comcast.net> wrote:
> Sooooo,
> For those of us whose stamina ain't what it used to
> be, and had to take
> their tired feet and children home....
> Who won?
> Xene
> p.s. Thank *you* Briget, for your dreams along with
> your seemingly tireless
> enthusiasm and devotion to your craft.

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