[Elfsea] Thank you's from Brigit (long)

CE Huse/Lady Maria ldy_maria at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 29 20:58:36 PDT 2003

HL Brigit,

I have to say a muchas gracias to you, my dear. When I drove up on site
Friday night, I saw the magical glow of the lights from the hafla tent and
felt a strange pulling sensation. I became absolutely breathless when I
stepped under the pavillion and saw all the beautiful banners, rugs, pillows
and other accessories throughout the tent.  I felt pulled into another time
and place.

I hear of stories from my baronial elders how magical the culture camps once
were. I now know how they felt and I now have my own special magical memory.

Again a heartfelt thanks!

Yours in service,

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<Much snippage>
To Lady Maria, Lady Innes, Lady Maeb and Kim...The
tassels were awsome and the pillows we made were a
hitThey added so much to the decor of the event. It a
night to remember for all.

To my Darling husband. How could I do anything with
out your support and love? You are my support system,
my coach, my cheerleader, my sounding board and so
many other things. Without you my dreams can not take
flight. Thank you.

I know that there where so very many people who put in
so very much and I hope that I do not offend anyone by
not remebering their kindness.

In service,

HL Brigit

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