[Elfsea] Feast at coronation

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Sun Jan 4 16:54:06 PST 2004

Greetings unto the good populace of Ansteorra,
Did you neglect to make feast reservations for the
Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Miguel de Oporto
and Conal Alexandria O'Riordain?  If so, do not despair,
for after consultation with our most excellent feast
stewards, Lady Elizabeth of Pendarvis and Lord Caius
Maerlyn Britainicus, we will be offering approximately 50
additional feasts at the gate.  These will be available
strictly on a first come basis; a non-paid waiting list will
not be compiled.  Join us early in the day to observe the
King's Champion list, shop the merchants, and secure
your feast token.

Feast Fee: Adults $7, Children under 12  $4

First Remove
Pork and Leeks
Fresh Roasted Salmon w/spices, broccoli and rice
Cheese and Mushroom tart
Spinach with pine nuts and raisins

Second Remove
Almond Chicken Cuminade
Savory Rice
Green Salat (salad with dressing)

On sideboard during both removes:
Herb Soup, Barley Soup, Broad Bean Soup and an
assortment of bread, butter, cheese, and fruit

Dessert sideboard following both removes:
Cardinal's pears
Spiced honey nut crunch

In service,
HL Philip White and HL Julianna Vertue
Event Stewards

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