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To the Barony of Elfsea, greetings.  See invitation below.  Come and have fun with us!

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To the Barony of Steppes and the Canton of Dragonsfire Tor, I send you greetings.
There will be a SEWFEST weekend on January 16th-17th at my folks house in South Dallas. I can have 6 to 8 from the Tor stay at my house on Friday or Saturday night, so let me know who wants to sleep over. Please bring a sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, etc. if you stay. We only have 1 shower/bathroom facility available, so we have to plan accordingly. 
I propose leaving for the Perth fabric district on Saturday, first having breakfast at the Dennys on Walnut Hill and Stemmons around 9:00am.  Perth trip should begin around 10:00am. "Site" will close at 10:00am on Sunday morning. Let me know if this agreeable.
Tables and chairs will be available for sewing.  Bring munchies, covered dishes, beverages, etc.
As soon as things are formalized, I will send a link for a map to the Dennys, the Perth fabric district, and to my house. I will also have any corrections to the schedule listed above next time I post.  
It is come and go as you please, so all from Steppes and the Tor and any other interested parties are invited.  There is a good deal of space but it is limited, so I need to have a good idea of how many will be coming.
Feel free to call me if you have any questions at 214-284-8855. RSVP is requested by January 9th.
Lady Kathryn of Ayr
Steppes, Ansteorra

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Also remember that we have the Fabric District trip planned for the weekend after Coronation.  If you want to stay overnight at Julie's house we need to know because she only has room for 6 people.  So far I have myself and one other reserved leaving 4 overnight spots left.  We have plenty of room for Daytrippers. Please consider Daytrippping with us even if you aren't going to be shopping that weekend. We are going to be sewing after the shopping and if you have a project you need help with there should be plenty of us there to help you out.

See you all at Populace,

Thora Olafsdottir
A&S Minister, Canton of Dragon's Fire Tor
mka Kristi Conard-Fite 

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