[Elfsea] Needleworkers Guild

Damon & Christine dchuse at netzero.com
Wed Jan 14 11:35:52 PST 2004


I know I've been saying it for sometime now, but I will be hosting the first
meeting for the Needleworker's Guild this Sunday at 2pm at Veteran's Park.
Being that rain is in the forecast and neddlework does not mix well with
rain, I will hold the meeting here at my home (which is only 5 minutes north
of the park) should the skies become wet. Warning: I do have a cat and dog.
If you are allergic to either, I can lock them up in my bedroom, please let
me know.

At this meeting, we will discuss how often we would like to meet, what we
would like to accomplish and any other burning issues that may be on your
mind concerning the guild. Please bring any piece you may be working on
(period or non-period).

If you have never worked a stitch, bring your supplies (I have a ton of
hoops) and I will be more than happy to help you out! :) I do have some
supplies, but they are limited and will be on a first come-first serve

If you are looking for some documentation, I do have some books but not
many. If you have some books that you wish to share, please bring them!

If you drink anything other than iced tea with no sugar or lemon, you might
want to bring your own drinks. I will have some snack items on hand, if we
happen to hold the meeting at my home.

Your ins Service,

PS. You might want to bring a chair, whether we use the park or my
home....benches aren't too comfortable and my home is limited on seats (I
have a comfy couch and 4 not-so-comfy dining room chairs).

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