[Elfsea] Needleworking Books on CD

Damon & Christine dchuse at netzero.com
Wed Jan 14 11:42:19 PST 2004


I went to the library last weekend and checked out 2 books that might be of
interest to everyone who love needleworking:

1) Medieval Needlepoint: 24 Easy to make projects for the Home
	This lady takes illuminations and uses them for these projects. She shows
you the original and gives you the name of the illumination, too. Really

2) The History of Needlework Tools and Accessories
	This book has the complete history of these tools from pre-Christan times
to Victorian times. She has several plates of Black and White photos, too.

I have scanned both of these books from cover to cover. If you would like a
copy, please provide me a blank CD and I'll burn a copy for you. Each book
scanned in at a total of 50MB and 56MB.

Yours in Service,

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