[Elfsea] Ansteorran Tribute... Drake and Virgil begging for help!

Lady Simone simone at elfsea.net
Sat Jan 17 10:30:36 PST 2004

If she does not Seanan and I will be going and should have room for them.

Lady (Simone) Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing
2nd Rose of FalconRose Southern Keep, Ansteorra

  To the Two Silly Knights...(I like the sound of that)
     I think Mistress Stella and I will have room in our transport,my beads are not taking up much room and I don't think she is displaying.....How ever I will be inside the transport along with the armor bags and I would ask that they not be to offensive to the nose.
  Ameline DuBois


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