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Mon Jan 19 10:48:02 PST 2004

As the weather grows colder, we turn our thoughts to preparations for
WAR! The Barony of Elfsea last year made walls for the Baronial
Encampment. This year, we are focusing on decorating those walls. We
have painted 2 of the walls, and Their Excellencies are looking forward
to seeing all 9 painted. Several of them have been sponsored and we are
looking for additional sponsors. Sponsorship of the banners cost $25,
and you can pick the design for the banner you sponsor (with approval
from a committee member - myself or Their Excellencies) Contact me for
information on sponsoring a banner. 

Thank you to Brigid and Finnian, Ceatta and Robin, and Maison de la
Torche for sponsoring banners already.

Here is the schedule of Painting between now and Gulf Wars, all
activities are currently scheduled at Tomas and Rixende's home:

January 20 & 21 - Banner Painting (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) 7:00
February 7th- Banner Painting (Saturday all day, come and go as you
please) 10:00 start time
February 17th & 18th- Banner Painting (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings)

Contact me for directions or more information.

In Service to Ansteorra, Elfsea and the Arts,

HL Rixende
Minister of Arts and Sciences, Barony of Elfsea

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