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What is the general feeling about this?
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Unfortunately, I do not think this is a possibility, as that is the
Wednesday before most of our people will be heading to Mississippi to fight
an annual war between the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas and Oklahoma) and the
Kingdom of Trimaris (Flordia) and they will be getting ready for this war at
that time.
I will, however, ask for volunteers from anyone not going.
Lord Ceatta o Gulcleth
Demo Coordinator, Barony of Elfsea

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Subject: Medieval event

I would like to request a demonstration of Medieval life for a private
school in Flower Mound.  The 3rd grade class of 16 will have a Medieval
festival March 10th, Wednesday from 12 -3 approximately.  It would be
wonderful if any of your members could come out in authentic costume and
demonstrate the battling or any other aspect of Medieval life.  This would
be a very small demonstration, not a large event like I have visited at the
local library.
Please let me know if you think this is a possibility.
Christine Mooradian

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