[Elfsea] Did you know?

mysticfalcon@onebox.com mysticfalcon at onebox.com
Wed Jan 28 17:05:09 PST 2004

Did you know that there are only 4 DAYS LEFT TO PRE-REGISTER for Gulf Wars???!!!

  If you have not yet pre-registered, you can find the form
in the Black Star or online at http://www.gulfwars.org/forms.html. This year you will be able to register online using your credit card.  You can find this link at http://www.gulfwars.org/index.html.

Remember that in order to camp with Ansteorra, you must be pre-registered.
Once you pre-register please contact me with the following information:

SCA and Mundane 
Tent size (including ropes)
Age (if 13 or younger)
Day of Arrival 
Group camping 

If you are a group or household that spans multiple regions, please have the
head of the household/group or a representative contact Baron Godwin of Edingtion for allocation requirements   at djurgens at swbell.net

Thank you!!
In Service,
Lady Honour du Bois (This weeks pest) :)
Squire to Sir Galen of Bristol
Central Regional Land Corridinator

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