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There is also a 15% discount when 5 pair or more are ordered- some folks
could go in together and save a little money- something I am always
interested in!

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> Robin found this site yesterday while surfing and possibly looking for a
> job.  I don't know how people out there are/were aware of them, but since
> have been looking for some good boots for a while (not just for rapier but
> also for garb), I actually broke down and ordered a pair of their "Big
> - Men's Thigh/Knee boots", had them shipped overnight (yes, a birthday
> present to me) and they came today and they are very comfortable.
> Anyone had any experience with these folk?
> www.SCAboots.com
> Also, the February Scroll shows no fighter practice for this Sunday, 1
> February.  Is that a mistake or is it correct?  If there is one, I'll be
> there with my new boots!
> Ceatta


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