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Bravo Sabine!
I'm glad we'll have some time on Friday to set up!
Back to making an A&S regalia cloak.
See you soon...

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Ok we finally have a site plan finalized for Kingdom A&S!  We had to do some
rearranging due to overbooking at the Cain Center but we have everything
worked out and all the space we need (and a really nice discount as well :P

The only thing we are setting up in the Foyer is a table or 2 for Gate.  The
rest of the Foyer (18' x 130') will be open for roaming and stretching legs.
The Foyer comes standard with some tables, chairs, and benches.

The Main Hall (80' x 120') will hold:

Registration (3 Tables)
Scribes Corner (4 tables/20 chairs)
Children's Area (3 set up tables and six tables for the kids w/ chairs) The
Sideboard Area (3 tables for food and drink and 6 tables w/ chairs for
non-artisan's to eat at) The Artisan's Area (bulk of the hall 50 tables 2
artisans per table)

There will be room to roam in the Hall and add more tables if needed.

At the end of the Foyer we have 2 rooms.

Our "VIP" area will be in Room A (23'x36') this will be for Their Majesties
and the Judges to have a place to get away.  There will be a sideboard set
up with refreshments at the front of the room. Tables and chairs for 40 plus
a "couch and chairs" set up in the corner.

Performance will be in Room C (21'x 36').  It will be set up with an open
space at one end for the performers, chairs for 40, and a couple of tables
to be used as needed.

(Room B has been rented by another party.  Please be aware that mundanes
will be sharing the hallway and restrooms with us.)

All in all we have a great set-up working for us.  Site will allow the
Artisans in for set up on Friday night.  They can do this from 5:00 PM to
8:30 PM we must be out of the hall by 9:00 PM on Friday.  Doors will open
for us at 7:00 AM Saturday Morning with gate opening at 8:00 AM.

Please email me privately is you have any questions!

Ever in Service, 

Lady Sabine le Curter
Elfsea Chronicler and Hospitaler

Autocrat for Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition 
February 12th 2005
Cain Center - Athens, TX

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