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Hi Sabine and Elfsea,
Thanks for the info.  Since you'll be there doing setup before us, we
typically arrange the hall into various regions so that similar art forms
are near each other. It makes it easier for the judges to locate items,
since we usually have so many. 

If you are going to allow entrants to set up Friday night, you'll probably
need to divide the hall into regions prior to our arrival.  Those regions
1) fiber arts,  2) foods,  3) C&I and paper items,  4)  metal, wood and
leather,   5)  misc. 
We also have large signs for the areas that we are bringing with us.  

When deciding placement, there are some things to consider in arranging the
Foods need to be on a wall with electrical outlets.
Fiber arts includes costumes that are typical on body forms.
C&I needs to be far away from food & drafts.

So, that leaves us with the question of training the Artisan registration
folks (Lady Genna,Don Valentyn, Deana, Lady Ker Megan (Pyro),Lady Maria, and
Lady Genevieve). It takes about an hour to get you up to speed on initial
artisan registration and, more immortally, what happens when the completed
judging forms start to roll in - especially when static, research, and
performance all start coming back at the same time.

We didn't know that the site was over an hour away.  Help!?  Any
>From out here,  my first thoughts are...
7:30 pm Friday night at the site
7:30 pm Friday night somewhere halfway in between our hotel room (Best
Western on the Hills) and your houses
7:00 am bright and early Saturday morning at the site

You guys know the area, we don't.  Please, any suggestions that you can make
would be greatly appreciated. 


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I'm sorry for the confusion. We are not registering on Friday Night. 
Our Registration staff will not be onsite till Saturday morning. 
Friday Night is our set-up night.  We can allow Artisans into the building
to setup their displays.  Site is an hour and half from most of the homes in
Elfsea.  The majority of the staff is day-tripping so they don't have to
incur hotel charges.  I will be onsite Friday Night decorating and will let
in any Artisan that would like to setup their display early.  Everyone will
need to gate in and register on Satrday morning.  Again sorry for the

~ Sabine

Ever in Service, 

Lady Sabine le Curter
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Autocrat for Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition 
February 12th 2005
Cain Center - Athens, TX

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 18:15:06 -0800 (PST), Cathy Oldham
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> Greetings,
> I am so glad that we are able to register on Friday
> night!  Will Lady Genna,Don Valentyn, Deana, Lady Ker
> Megan (Pyro),Lady Maria,
> and Lady Genevieve please contact me privately when
> you will be able to meet to train for registration on
> Friday night? Thanks, HL Katherine 
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