[Elfsea] A&S judgeing a Laurel viewpoint

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Sat Feb 5 15:37:42 PST 2005

 The note Honorable Lady Gabrielle Honoree de Saint Pierre was lovely , but I will tell you that the Laurels say this very same thing to each other every time we judge. The problem is that we don't get feedback about our judging. We have a terrible problem If we go to far with the feedback sandwich ( positive comment,constructive criticism, positive comment) people began to think they should be elevative to the order tomorrow and we get disappointed people. If we talk about the level we expect in ourselves then everyone thinks we are too rough. We need to give people feedback just a little bit in front of what they are doing so they will be encouraged to do more. We sometimes make mistakes. There is always  talk about the judge/Laurel that was too rough, but no one will ever name names. If we knew we had hurt someone feeling we might be able to talk to them and> work things out. 
I criticize someone and they burned their violin. It 
shaped them for many years. If I had known I could had explained myself better and fixed their hurt. As it was the person was quiet for 10 years. We fixed it then, but that was a lot of wasted time. 
I would ask a boon of everyone. If you know someone is hurt by a judging
 encourage them to talk to the judge. If they don't want to do by 
themselves find me or some other Laurel you can talk to and ask them to help clear the problem up. Judging and commentary forms are suppose to helpful, if they come across as hurtful it is probable a case miscommunication. I know most of the Laurels in the kingdom and I can honestly say most of us are teachers first.If we have presented our feedback badly we certainly want to fixed the problem.
Willow de Wisp 

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