[Elfsea] Re: Elfsea Digest, Vol 21, Issue 14

Mark Sebree sebree at infionline.net
Wed Feb 9 15:16:18 PST 2005

On Feb 9, 2005, at 12:11 PM, elfsea-request at ansteorra.org wrote:
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> Date: Tue,  8 Feb 2005 18:06:38 -0600
> From: "Kate Rayburn" <anezka at elfsea.net>
> Subject: [Elfsea] No Scribes Tonight
> To: <elfsea at ansteorra.org>
> Message-ID: <200502081806.AA269287690 at elfsea.net>
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> Greetings Elfsea,
> I apologize for the late notice, but as Timothy is sick and running a 
> fever, Scribes will be canceled for tonight.  We will still be meeting 
> next month.
> After nearly 4 years as Scribe, I am stepping down at the end of 
> March.  The office of Scribe is open for bids and will close at March 
> Moot.  Please send a copy of your bid to the Central Regional Scribe, 
> as well as courtesy copies to the Baron and Baroness, the Seneschal 
> and myself.
> In Service,
> Dama Anezka z Rozmitala
NOW you tell me.  (After going there last night at 7:30)  :-)

This is the problem with getting mail in digests, you get time critical 
emails late.  Not that it would have helped in this case since I left 
from work to go to the meeting and would have not seen the email 

Mark Sebree

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