[Elfsea] fighter practice

willowjonbardc@juno.com willowjonbardc at juno.com
Sun Feb 13 23:46:03 PST 2005

My boys and I went out on the mother/son outing and training session. We had a lot of fun at fighter practice. We could of used more fighters. I am so out of shape I can only fight 5 minutes at a time. We had the lone fighter at the end and I gave 5 minute. I felt I cheated him. I plan to fight more next fighter practice. I am going to fight 6 no 7 minutes a bout and am going to fight 5 people. I hope to get my spear together for next fighter practice and I really need enough people so I can practice for the War. So please come out and beat on the Duchess. 

Grandmother of Ansteorra
Willow de Wisp

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