[Elfsea] Arts and Science

Sandra Gutridge siobhanon at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 14 09:03:11 PST 2005

Happy Valentines Day from your friendly, neighborhood Minister of Arts and
	Tomorrow night is "Come over and work on your war garb and/or learn
how to use your sewing machine and serger more effectively" night. Most of
you are frantically trying to get yourselves and your family garbed for a
week of (?) weather, fighting, partying, meeting up with old friends or
meeting new friends from other parts of the Known World, ect. If you are not
going to war, you may just want to hang out with friends while you work on
your next project. 
In Service to the Barony,
HL Siobhan Ui Neill 

Give a lie a head start, and the truth will never catch up.

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