[Elfsea] Kingdom A&S - BRAVO!

Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at cox-internet.com
Mon Feb 14 18:53:29 PST 2005

Greetings Elfsea,
What a wonderful event!

I must reiterate HL Catherine's hearty thank you!

Well organized gate!
Stalwart registration crew who stuck with us to the end!
Yummy food -AND- lovely table display (how appropriate for Kingdom A&S)
A Barony of help in getting folks packed up and out in a timely manner.

Nice work Elfsea!

Baroness Jehanne d'Avignon
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences

PS - Sabine - can you send me the excel file from Kingdom A&S?  We've had a
few tallying issues come up (uh oh) and I'm going to need to see the score
sort ASAP.  Give me a call tonight if there's any difficulty.

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