[Elfsea] Thanks for sideboard help at Kingdom A&S

Chris Blank lyonettevanleyden at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 06:53:58 PST 2005

   My appoligies if you receive this twice, but so
many helped from all over the kingdom, that I did not
want to just post this in Elfsea....

   Thanks so much for all the help and support that I
received while preparing the sideboard.  Without the
aid, I don't think the sideboard would have been the
success it was.  So many have emailed to say they
enjoyed it.  Thanks.  
   But there are a few I would like to thank

   Thanks to Mistress Kaitlin Mc Kenna for (once
again) spending several days (and nights) helping me
process and prepare for the feast.  I really could not
have done it without you...  
   Thanks to Caelin on Andrede for helping out on
Saturday when the rest of us were becoming brain dead!
   Thanks to Jacynth de Warwick, Nissa, and Baroness
Katya for all the help being my extra hands...  And
especially for all the help with the dishes.  
   Thanks to Sabine and Colete for being the coolest
autocrats and frequently checking on me.  I love ya -
your both the best!!

   And finally, thanks for all who helped serve the
sideboard, thanks for jumping in and helping.

  This was truely a group effort... I take no credit
alone...   Without your help it could never have

Lady Lyonette van Leyden

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