[Elfsea] How are things?

Ameline Dubois ameline at generich.com
Fri Feb 18 21:06:20 PST 2005

Hi e-mail has been funny latly so I am sending you this again. No hurry I
just wanted to make sure you got all the info you needed from Sabine. Have a
great weekend.

sent on 2-16-05
Hey Jehanne,
   I just wanted to know if there is an official list of artists going to
war. I know there was a hitch with the scores and I spoke to Willow a bit at
the event, and I will see her this week end. I think she will want to talk
to me about the event. It is all ok, but if I can put out a list of
congradulations to the people in the barony that are going to war or an
atrernant to war I think all will feel better. If there is a big problem
with the scores perhaps I could help. I do not know how, but I will try to
help you in any way I could. Let me know if you have not gotten the excel
file from Kingdom A&S from Sabine.

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