[Elfsea] Preparation

Suzi Moore suzipdm at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 19 15:18:15 PST 2005

While all around us warriors are preparing for war, we are needing to 
develop that resource that will help us most in the future - our youth.  The 
Central Region finds itself in need of interested adults willing to become 
warranted local youth marshals for their canton, shire, or barony. Fighters 
are not the only individuals that can hold this office. If you are not a 
fighter but able to organize others, this office could be for you.  
Interested?  The requirements are to attend an authorization class,send me 
an e-mail once a month and complete event reports.  I like to keep the 
paperwork minimal and focus on the youth.  Our youth need caring adults to 
help them prepare for their future as Ansteorrans.  Please e-mail me at 
suzipdm at hotmail.com.

Lady Micola Soranzo
Central Region Youth Marshal

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