[Elfsea] Possible Demo Short notice

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I hope those that are not venturing to RavensMarch will make it out to the 
event, Feb 27th, it will be an amazing day (10am-9pm),... workshops, day 
performances, drum circle & evening gala... all in Fort Worth!

We are also in great need of volunteers. Volunteers receive one workshop 
for free, here is the latest update for the Workshop Schedule.

All event proceeds benefit www.oxfam.org Tsunami Relief Efforts.

If you are interested in volunteering on Feb 27th, please contact me at:

<greenmangifts at sbcglobal.net>

many thanks,

Leland Simpson

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>Hey, I looked on the site and an old member of Elfsea is performing -
>I remember when she danced for us at the Middle Eastern competition in
>Elfsea, back at the old site in Burleson.
>She and Hakon were good people and I miss them.
>(reminiscing about the magic and drums around the fires of Elfsea)
>Life is Good in Elfsea
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>Greetings all posted below is a good demo if there is interest...
>Would the SCA like to do a demo at this event?
>It will be on stage in front of an audience! Possibly for two time slots. I
>know the notice is short, but you participation at this charity event would
>be most appreciated. We are also begging volunteers. There are belly dance
>(and one drum) workshops throughout the day and vol's get one workshop for
>free. If there are any local (DFW) SCA Belly Dance or SCA Middle Eastern
>groups that are interested, please contact me asap.
>Much thanks,
>DFTH-North Texas
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