[Elfsea] Looking for spanish speakers

Vicki Marsh xaraxene at comcast.net
Sun Feb 20 13:45:26 PST 2005


I am looking for fluent and semi-fluent Spanish speakers in the
DFW/Steppes/Elfsea area.  There are SCAers in Guanajuato, Mexico, who are
looking for help with a medieval festival. They have even offered crash
space (see below). I have sent him a list of books and webpages compiled by
Lady Maria and will be trying to get him in touch with the SCA group in
Spain. If you are interested in helping Sr.Sholl, just e-mail him.  Let me
know, though. If we can get a group to go to Mexico together, it would be a
lot of fun!

Hola from Guanajuato, Mexico. I am a formerly active member from
> > An Tir, now living in Guanajuato, Mexico. There is a medieval
> > festival being organized in this PERIOD town (1545) and they
> > need lots of advice and maybe help. Problem is it needs to be in
> > Spanish. If there is anyone who can help, please either contact
> > me in English/Spanish or the Festival Director (in Spanish) at
> > donjuan at int.com.mx . His name is Juan Jose Prado. If anyone ends up
> > wanting to attend, there is ample crash space at any of a number of
> > places. My home, for example, is a re-built 300 y.o. ruin.
> > Thanks !!
> > Dan Sholl  "Dan Sholl" <dansholl at yahoo.com>


  I have also started corresponding with a lady in Spain - in the Kingdom of
Drachenwald.  I'd love to help them out if possible, and have fun while
improving my spanish.  Is anyone else interested in writing to them?

Gracias por tu tiempo.

Mistress Xene Theriane.

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