[Elfsea] Evil camp mom reminder- counting down the days...

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Feb 22- only a few more days!!!



Greetings, Elfsea. Her Excellency has asked me to ride herd on the

camp layout for this Gulf wars.




Fact one- if you did not register by Jan 31 to camp with group "Barony

of Elfsea" we will not have enough space for you to camp with us.

January 31 was the Very Last Day you can register and have your

registration count in the land-grab.  Please, hurry and get that done

if you are going to Gulf War!


(Oops, too late- you will be with Don Valentyne in the Dungeon)




Fact two- I need to know _who_ is pre-registered and the size of

your group/family and the actual size of your tent-Including the guy

lines/setback (i.e. a 10 X 12 tent with a 2 foot space between wall

and tent stake will need 14 x 16 in actual space. 




Fact three- I have her Excellency's permission to be Evil Stepmother

to the camp!! What this means is, if I do not have your information by

Feb 28th, (extension) so I have time to work out the spacing and

showing up at the camp and whining about arrangements made in your

absence will get you locked in the basement. On bread and water if

you're lucky. In with Big rats if you're not.


If you are registered with Elfsea, but do not send me your family/tent

sizes, your space will be in the back, far away from the road, the

privies, the fire pit and any other conveniences I have to threaten

you with.




Contemplating bribery is pointless, as none of you have anything I

currently want.




To Recap: I need your names (mundane and Period), your arrival date,

and the size of your tent, including guy lines, and the names of

anyone you absolute must/must not camp next to. It will help

tremendously in setting out our campsite. Remember that each person

registering is allotted a 15x15 space for tentage; consider that

carefully when you register and when you pack.




Looking forward to hearing from everyone very very soon! Pyro (Evil

camp step-mom! Bwah-hah-ha!)






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