[Elfsea] Who is *not* going to the War? Wanna come to a party?

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Please forward this to Glaslyn, Loch Ruadh,Lindenwood, Rosenfeld, Emerald
Keep, ThreeBridges and anyone else you think might be interested.  I know, I
should have sent it to the Central Regional list, but I forgot about it.


p.s. If you plan on coming, could you RSVP me at xaraxene at comcast.net ? I'd
like to have a clue (yeah, yeah, I know I really need one).

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Are you not getting to go to Gulf Wars, too?

Still checking the weather for Lumberton, MS?

Watching gas prices to see how much you are saving by *not* going?

Wearing your GW t-shirt, just because it's clean?

Amazed at how much money and time you *aren't* spending getting ready to go?

Still wish you could there because you will miss all your friends?

Well, Llywelyn and I are going through "Gulf War Withdrawal", too. So,
because I need a really good reason for cleaning my house over Spring Break,
we are inviting you all to our house for a "Gulf War Pity Party and
Peasant's Mini-Revel". It is a low-persona non-event.

It is also a non-official event as I haven't asked a darn person for
permission to have this - other than than my dear husband. So, there is no
charge for the event - for members or non-members...or people who could be

Starting at around 5 pm, Saturday, March 19, 2005, we will be reveling at
302 Sweetgum Drive, Cedar Hill, TX 75104. Our home phone is (972)299-9867 -
just in case you get lost or can't resist the urge to turn East on I-20.
It'll be over when we throw everybody out, or everyone's asleep on one of
our many couches and easy chairs.

Everyone is encouraged to wear their comfortable camp costumes. Regalia and
titles can be left at home.  We all get to be foolish peasants, relaxing,
singing filk songs, and telling the best "No S**t, there I was" stories. If
the weather is good, we will have a lovely outdoor campfire and torches
along with the BBQ grill for cooking your favorites. Bring meat and stuff to
eat, if you think you'll get hungry. (Hint, hint..)

Also, bring your favorite camp chair and cooler of booze or soft drinks.
(Cedar Hill is dry, but you can buy beer and wine in Duncanville- Hops and
Grapes is the best place in town.) The kids are welcome and we will probably
have some kind of movie (Like Monty Python and the Holy Grail) playing on
the upstairs TV. Somewhere, I think I still have a Gulf Wars video, but if
you have one, please bring it.

Hugs to everyone going to the War.  Be Safe. The Homeguard will still be

In Service,


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