[Elfsea] Looking for Viscount Alexander

Phelippe Descors frayman_phelippe at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 16:57:56 PST 2005

Hello there, how are you and your family?
Sorry for the delay on getting back to you but I was wanting to tell you that no one has heard from Alexander & Katya sense AAA back in July.  He gave Maria and I his contact info but it dissappeared shortly there after.  When we last spoke he told me that they were moving, I think, to Bedford.
Once I find him I'll send you his info and if someone has already given you his info please send it to me.  At AAA he took me, Ryan and a couple of other Fraymen and gave us a class on axe, knife and spear throwing and put a flat spot in one of his axes (throwing metal against metal doesn't work out well) and once I finish getting it ground out and resharpened and balancedI got to get it back to him.
Talk to you later, my teacher is talking about remote installations and Norton Ghost and I really need to start paying attention now.
Take care and tell your wife & kids that Maria and I said "Hi!"

Paul Mitchell <sirgalen at gmail.com> wrote:
Can anyone help me contact Viscount Alexander Shanasie?


- Galen of Bristol
(now at new email address!)
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