[Elfsea] Keystone List

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Thu Mar 24 10:35:40 PST 2005

Also, more recently added were,

HL Genevieve del Gamba
Lady Janie of Dragonsfire Tor


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  HL Medb Liath
  Lord Daire de Haya
  Lady Maili Donnel MacGreggor

  Are also Keystones that do not yet show on that list.

  HE Armand Dragonetti
  Lord Elfsea
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    You mean us guys? 

    Crandall, No-Count

    Edward Allen Howard <gerardseymour at gmail.com> wrote:
      Greetings all,
      I am in search of a list of keystones of Elfsea could anyone point me
      in the right direction?


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