[Elfsea] Your barony wants to make you famous

Valentyn Drake DonValentyn at JeffTurnerFiction.com
Fri Mar 25 07:10:38 PST 2005

That's right, the Barony of Elfsea is looking for its latest publishing
sensation, and you may be the Lord or Lady in question.

Specifically, we need articles for the Elfsea Tidings.

Got a great recipe for period soup?  Write it up.  Advice for building an
on-the-road armor repair shop?  Write it up.  A short paper on period
carving techniques?  Write it up.

And then send it!  Send it to DonValentyn at JeffTurnerFiction.com.  

You may very well be the Boccaccio of the modern middle ages!  But the world
will never know until we see your words in print.  Write your mind, and send
it via your fastest pigeon to DonValentyn at JeffTurnerFiction.com.

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