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I had the honor to be his man of arms for a short while, travel with him,
and socialize in the modern world. Though none of us are perfect, he came
pretty close. He was honorable in all parts of his life. He was courteous
even to the discourteous. He cared deeply about the people around him,
training fighters and artisans, encouraging those who needed it, praising
those who deserved it. 

I remember him kneeling in 4 inches of very cold rushing water to swear
fealty to his king because his honor required it of him.

I hope I may yet learn from him and become a better person for it. I will
miss him.

Caelin on Andrede


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Subject: [Elfsea] RE: [Steppes] RE: [Ansteorra-Laurels] Another loss
toAtenveldt and toAnsteorra

I called last night and spoke with some family in Atenveldt that told me his
chain was brought to the Crown with a very moving speech by his lady this
weekend past at an event in Atenveldt.  I don't have many more details at
this point but I was told the expected wake is at Encanto Park in Phoenix on
the 2nd of April, although the park site may change.

I will miss his mischievious laugh and all the fun he brought to everyone
around him.


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>Thank you,
>Terans was a pillar of strength and an example of courtesy and chivalry 
>to all. We were honored to be graced with his gentle wit and friendship.
>He will be sorely missed.
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>My Brothers and Sisters,
>I fear I bring you sad tidings.
>For those of you here who knew Terans, this is indeed a true tragedy 
>and loss.  He was only briefly here in Ansteorra, but during his time 
>with us, he made so much difference for so many. He left us on March 
>26, 2005. He was a fine example of the Chivalry and a Master of his Craft.
>Jalali, who is still stunned by it all.
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> > > My Friends,
> > >
> > >
> > > Since the news of my father's passing last night I have heard from 
> > > many of you and have experienced the great outpouring of love and 
> > > support which you have shown Constantine and me.  It warms my 
> > > heart to see how many of you loved Sir Terans, and so will morn 
> > > his passing with me.  However, I know that he would not have 
> > > wanted us to be in morning, but to instead celebrate his life in 
> > > remembrance of the man he was.
> > >
> > > He was, and will always be an example to me that silly concepts 
> > > like honor and chivalry still exist with in this modern world we 
> > > dare to dream in.  This is the happy memory of my father that I 
> > > will always carry with me.  I ask all you to join me in this, and 
> > > not be sad for the loss.  For as long as we remember him, he is not
gone from us.
> > >
> > > It was always Sir Terans's wishes not to have funeral, but to have 
> > > a party.  Thus, as I understand it, there will be a party in his 
> > > honor on Saturday, April 2nd.  It will probably be in a park 
> > > somewhere in Phoenix.  I do not know the rest of the details yet, 
> > > but I will pass them on here when I get them later this week.
> > >
> > > Once again, thank you all for your support.  It has been truly 
> > > appreciated.  Also, if any one sees Diane (her SCA name escapes me 
> > > right now), please show her the support you have all shown me and 
> > > Constantine of late.  Diane was Sir Terans's lady in his last few 
> > > years, and so gave him a measure of peace and happiness.  I thank 
> > > her for that.
> > >
> > >
> > > In service to the Dream,
> > > Karl Teransson av Drakkar, Lord Langskipp
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