[Elfsea] Homeguard Peasents Revel

Christine Huse casadevaca at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 22 13:02:15 PST 2005


For thiose that did not attend Don Llewelyn and Mistress Xene's peasents 
revel...well, you missed out!  Much fun was had by all. We Talked baout 
past wars, saw a video from when Count Gunthar and Sir Galen were slim 
and yes we even cought a glimpse of Ingman fighting.  We were graced 
with the presence of many a friend:

Don Drore's and Lady Clare
HL Arabella and Trevor
Master Robin and Mistress Serena
Don Alaric
HL Rixende and Daniel
HL Donnel, Emily and Richard
Master Robert and Lady Katerina (aka Ren)
HE Valeria and her son (I'm sorry I never can remember his name)
Of course myself, Phelippe, Diane, Ryan and Paige

Did I miss anyone?

To: House Gruffydd, Thank you for such a wonderful time!!


"Teach us to give and not to count the cost"
Saint Ignatius of Loyola quotes (Spanish writer and journalist, 1491-1556)

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