[Elfsea] Sunday Buckler Tourney Results

Chiara Francesca chiara.francesca at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 20:01:59 PST 2005

Sunday we gathered at the Carrollton FP park to conduct a joint fighter 
practice. Mike will email out the details of those proceedings.

Our Crown Prince asked that we have a Buckler Tourney at this gathering. He 
asked me to list mistress not realizing that I had never before performed 
such a feat. Here are the results and many thanks to the fighters for being 
so great. :)

Please forward along to the Loch mailing list as I am not on it.

We had a total of 14 fighters.
4 rounds
best 2 out of 3; single elimination

Fighters (forgive the misspellings and omissions of where you are from):
Armand Dragonetti: Elfsea
Cathal Finn O'Brian: Loch Ruadh
Erik Eriksson
Freidrich von Huffelpuff: mysterious stranger
Geoffry Sparhawk
Honour du Bois: Elfsea
Hrafn Olafsson
Jasper Codrington: Elfsea
Lochlan Dunn: Elfsea
Morgan Buchanan
Robin of Gilwell

The Pairings:
First Round
Robin of Gilwell vs. Armand Dragonetti (W)
Cathal Finn Obrian vs. Lochlan Dunn (W)
Erik Eriksson vs. Freidrich von Huffelpuff (W)
Faelen vs. Jasper Codrington (W)
Geoffrey Sparhawk vs. Hosey (W)
Honour Du Bois vs. Hrafn Olafsson (W)
Raul vs. Morgan Buchanan (W)

Second Round:
Hrafn Olafsson vs. Lochlan Dunn (W)
Hosey vs. Morgan Buchanan (W)
Robin of Gilwell vs. Jasper Codrington (W)
Honour Du Bois (Deadly Bi) vs. Freidrich von Huffelpuff (W)

Third Round:
Morgan Buchanan vs. Lochlan Dunn (W)
Jasper Codrington vs. Freidrich von Huffelpuff (W)

Final Round:
Lochlan Dunn vs. Freidrich von Huffelpuff (W)

They mysterious stranger that went by the name of Freidrich von Huffelpuff 
revealed himself to us after sweeping his lady love off the ground with a 
grand kiss. He is none other than Elfsea's Tomás Niallagain. :)

HL Chiara Francesca
TRH Chatelaine 

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