[Elfsea] Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel

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Sun Nov 13 10:39:11 PST 2005

Sorry if this posts twice. Just wanted to be sure you got it.

Come and revel in the Canton of 
Dragonsfire(http://dragonsfire-tor.ansteorra.org) Tor with feast, friends 
and spirits.
December 3, 2005 at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose Texas(oakdalepark.com).

This is an on calendar event check out the Black Star.

We will have our A&S completion run by our current champion Mistress Rosalia 
di Bellavita.

Rules for the A&S completion are:
Must provide your own table coverings
4 items limit for display.
Must have been made in the last 2 years.
Documentation is required.
Research papers must be submitted to Rosalie no later than 11/26/05. Email 
is: mailto:mistressrosalia at earthlink.net

Home address is
809 N. Bowen Rd
Arlington, TX 76012

Start judging 12:00
End at 4:00

In addition we will have our table-decorating contest. Capture the eye of 
our judges and win the prize.

Tables are approx. 2 ½’ by 6’. Some tables are a little larger and some are 
smaller. (Candles with flame OK)

Also there will be children’s activities headed by Master Philip White.

More, your want more………

Our famous raffle will be run by our own Rapier Champion, Master Darius of 
the Bells. In addition he will be aided by non other than the King of 

So bring your donations and have a blast.

And last but never least a potluck dinner to be shared by all. Bring your 
favorite dish to share. Should feed 8-10 people.

So have you put this on your calendar yet? If not there is still 3 weeks to 

See you there
Dragonsfire Tor

Visit our web site at: http://dragonsfire-tor.ansteorra.org/

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