[Elfsea] 3 Kings

Betsy Marshall betsy at softwareinnovation.com
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According to the small info I have; Leofwin (sp?) scored an 89, Kerrick an
80 and I a 70, out of a possible 170 on 9 different targets (but not
counting the bonus for hitting the pole in the clout shoot)

These are just the people I spoke to personally about scores- I think Irina
did not finish due to lack of light.



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Pyro said she was in 2nd place until Kerrick stepped up with his magic bow.





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Actually last I checked Pyro was actually in second place with 70 points and
Trevor came in third with 69 points. 

The gentleman from GatesEdge (forget his name) is a phenom archer and coming
in second was no small feat.


Elfsea had a great showing!


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I'm sorry I had to work (12 hours yesterday after a 60 hour 5 day week), but
Pyro went and thoroughly enjoyed the event. She competed in the archery
shoots for the first time in mumbly, mumbly years and came in third! Yea,
Pyro. I'm doing the proud hubby dance. Next it will be flaming arrows!


In service,

Caelin on Andrede

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