[Elfsea] Lost stuff at Rosses

Amber Cook anistashiasaccents at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 17 22:41:07 PST 2005

To whom it may consern,
On the way home from attending Rosses tourney 2 weeks back it came to my 
realization that I am missing a few things that are needed and dear to me I 
waited to see if anyone said they found these things but alas I havent seen 
anything about them
I seem to have misplaced my recorder ( have a few verry dear stories and 
songs by great bards)
my cell phone  (power was extreemly low called it a few times but to no 
and a black leather belt pouch that they were both in
along w/ other randome small stuff in the bottom of the pouch I think carmex 
was in there

If anyone has seen or heard of these items being found or anyone can send 
this onto Emerald Keep (camped next to them) I would be indepted to you
Thank you Anistashia

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