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This demo was great!!!!!! Lots of people, lots  of fun. Thank you all who 
worked so hard to introduce people into our  world. I was told there were even a 
few people from the demo at fighter  practice today. Stella was the only heavy 
fighter but Val and  Genna spoke to them and kept  them interested. Many 
people are looking for the youth boffer fighting.  We in Elfsea need to find a 
person who will take this youth fighting on  and help with the kids. I do not 
know the ins and outs here but I am  looking to someone in Elfsea to step up and 
let the kids fight! In  December I will try to make it to some of the Sunday’s 
practice please  come out if you can.  
Lady  Elfsea

Your Excellency,
I am glad to see that Elfsea is excited about youth boffer. I spoke  to two 
individuals this weekend at BAM who expressed an interest in  becoming youth 
boffer marshalls for Elfsea. I pointed these two out  to your knights marshal.  
I hope to be adding Elfsea to the list  groups with active Youth Boffer 
Marshals to the roster in January. Lady  Micola  is your central regional marshal 
from Glaslyn and   her deputy Lord Cathal is from Loch Rudh  can assist you in 
this  endeavor and as always anything I can do to help please let me know. 
Lady Maili Donnel MacGregor
DEM Youth Combat

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