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Deana Covel dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 21 09:19:57 PST 2005

Hello Good Gentles of  Elfsea,

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.

        Because of everything happening with families
and friends there will be no Elfsea A&S night for the
months of November and December.  However Siobhan and
I are using this time to gather topics the populous
would like to seen taught and the names of people
willing to teach a class.
  	So, if would like a class taught on garb,
accessories, or hiding the mundane, please send me
your suggestion. Or if you want to teach something,
let me know.  Use this smaller venue to practice a
class you want to teach at King’s College! 
	How about a dance class?  Or metal work? Or kitting?
Or weaving? 

In Service,
 Lady Hanna von Dahl
 Deputy A&S Minister 

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