[Elfsea] re: DFT Yule feast update 11/29/05

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 29 16:06:14 PST 2005

Four days left to prepare. Here is an updated food list.

Thank you all for posting

Yule feast (potluck)

Meatballs 5lbs    Catrin and Teqwared
Lasagna 	    Simone (ingredients available for those with food allergies)
Chicken breasts coated with lime juice and salt and stuffed with
mushrooms, garlic, and onions            		  Caelin
Venison pie             				   Genevieve
Ham						    Jim
Chilie						    Eoghan

Bread and Butter 						Aingeal and Caerell

Beef and Barley soup						Lady Elizabeth Dabernoune
Bread and hamburger stew					Terrence

Side dishes
Egg rolls							 Kaz
Deviled eggs							 Innes

Pasta salad      							Cat and family
Three Bean Salad						Crandall
Green salad with various dressings (ranch, French, Italian and a 
oil/vinegar) Magdalia/Pook
Jelled salad       						 Bicé

Bread pudding				 			Janie
Cheese cake							Janie
Dessert, not sure exactly what yet.				Dana Mac an Ghabhann
Stewed apples					    Padraig

See you there,
Dragonsfire Tor

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