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Greetings everyone!
  Just wanted to fill everyone in our (Geoffrey’s and Katheryn’s) adventures this weekend, looking for possible SCA Central Regional event sites.   Our journeys will be posted to lists and will, at some point, be input into a database for future reference for local event planning.  Again, this is more of a fact-gathering venture with a smidge of our most humble opinions. We are specifically looking for an alternative Warlord site, but are keeping an open mind to all Central Regional events as well as local Baronial or Canton events.  It is up to the event steward to find out additional information that we do not offer here.   We will answer questions, just send us an email or give us a call.
  Chapter 1 – The Pines

  We journeyed to the location called “The Pines” near Big Sandy, Texas. This is about 10 miles east of the Hawkins site. The website is http://www.thepines.org/
    The site is very lovely with many amenities. There is actually one open field, which would serve nicely for a list field. Parking is limited at this site, since buses usually bring children in for camp. Parking would be very challenging for Warlord or Elfea Defender. They do not allow alcohol on premises there.  They have great cabins, some with air conditioning and some without.  They have showers in some of the cabins.  There are also buildings that have showers and bathrooms, much like Canton.
   There are equestrian and archery areas, however they lack the open spaces that we need to have a proper SCA equestrian and archery field. The sizes are small, since they usually cater to children’s camps. There might be issues with bringing our own horses there, since they have their own.  It would need to be researched further with the camp director if there is interest.
  There is a very nice hall with a huge fireplace. However there is not enough room in this hall for 12th night.  This might be a nice location for Steppes fall court or a Midsummers Eve Ball, or maybe some other events where only a list field and a nice, small hall are needed.
  The Pines will not be available to the Steppes on Memorial Day, since they will be having their staff training.  Pricing for the site also might be a bit high, but it would be up to the event steward to negotiate.
  Maggie is the director we spoke to.  She can be reached at 903-845-5834.  
  So that is it for Chapter 1.  Stay tuned for Chapter 2 when we describe a little jewel in Mineola.
  Yours in Service
  Lord Geoffrey Sparhauk and Lady Katheryn Cunningghame

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