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Oaths of Service or Fealty (and these are different Things) are often a personal thing in the SCA. Certain positions (landed, officers) make oaths in regard to their period of service, and Knights must swear fealty as well. 
  "Personal Oaths can cut both ways"
  The duality of commitment can cause one to hesitate regarding the wording of a "standard" oath, and many do not accept words that have been put in their mouth. 
  Households have in the past sworn to various Crowns, but often these "ceremonies" are not done in court. Or a House head will do the Oath for the House. 
  This issue can open a can of worms, so I am hoping that my limited ability with words has stated an open minded view that will be accepted by those who generally disagree with what I say. 
  Crandall, Olde Phoole 

Synrik <synrik at earthlink.net> wrote:
  [Sean Garrison, "Chains of our Faith", p17-18] He speaks of even the
lowest Man-at-Arms, who one day aspires to nobility, to take a vow to
support the Crown directly as part of their devotion in the game [being
his oath is to God, kingdom and to crown --- in that order].

Then would it not be proper that at the time of the Barron's oath to the
crown, that the Barron's guards also swear their oath to the crown as
well? Other than a show of support and unity, would the symbolism of
this act be missed by the court? Or would this be improper? Having
never been to the crowning of our kings, I have also never heard of
households or other companies swearing fealty to the crown.

Just a question?
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