[Elfsea] Elfsea Spring Faire Rapier Tourney

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Mon Apr 10 19:43:39 PDT 2006

You've come to Elfsea Spring Faire from lands afar. It's a beautiful day,
warm and sunny... you've earned your dusty thirst and are looking forward to
a crust of fresh bread, maybe some lamb stew... The good TavernKeeper greets
you with a smile and a tankard as you call hello to your friends. You settle
into your seat and begin to exchange stories when suddenly...


Come armed, friends, with your tavern gear- tankards and spoons, tablecloths
and turkey legs- for in this Rapier Tourney, they are all weapons!!!

But wait... there's more!

Consorts beware- you are fair game too! Should another tavern patron take
your lady or lord hostage, you may be forced to fight for their honour! Or
if you can afford it, you can buy them back... You may bribe the Elfsea
Guard to help you defeat the unruly brigands... Or they may arrest YOU! The
entire day is a Game so you will be fighting not only for the pleasure of
the duel, but for the tokens that could win you the Game! Prizes will be
awarded so come ready to play!

Lady Genna,
Elfsea Rapier Marshal
Elfsea Guard
Infinitely Bribeable

"Have Fun or You'll Be Arrested!!!"
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