[Elfsea] Announcement of the boucing kind....

Kylan Ulfgierrson kylan__ at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 12 11:43:39 PDT 2006

Hello All!!

It is our pleasure to announce that after many years of trying (not that I'm 
complaining) to get Lacey pregnant, she is finally with and doing really 
well. She has stopped smoking and should be popping around Nov 14. We are 
hoping for a boy but will be happy with anything god (gods/goddess per your 
beliefs) will grant us. If it is a boy he will be named Damien Xavier 
Armitage if it is a girl (not solid yet) she will be named Lilyauna Sky 
Armitage, no word on baby showers or anything as it is still early but we 
will keep yall posted…

Much love..
Ld Kylan Ulfgierrson
Chieftain, House Fierymoon
In service to the dream...

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