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Ironwyrm ironwyrm at housearkham.com
Wed Apr 12 22:58:06 PDT 2006

  Actually many of us already belong to the SLAB (Steppes 
  Loose Association of Brewers).  We aren't a very vocal 
  group and most members have been rather busy with 
  real life or other offices as of late but we do get together 
  on occasion to do some in mass brewing.  We elected 
  not to form a guild because all of us already have too 
  much paperwork to do and it really cuts into our drinking 
  Meetings are anything but regular and mostly done 
  when everyone can coordinate some free time together 
  (easier said then done).  However we do manage to 
  make a few gallons every now and then.  Also we're in 
  contact with a large number of the other in and out of 
  kingdom brewers so we always manage to get plenty 
  of critiques.  
  When we talked last at Gulf War we decided the next 
  mass brew would be to start mead for next years event 
  and replace Jon's five year old batch we drank this year.  
  We'll likely start a couple of batches of ale as well while 
  we're at it.  I can add your email address to the group 
  should you wish?  Come to think of it I belive Jon (our 
  Steppes seneschal) is still head of the SLAB?  Well, 
  we don't call ourselves a "loose association" for nothing!

Faelan Caimbeul <faelancaimbeul at gmail.com> wrote:
  I know there are a few brewers in the area, myself included. I, however, and
just starting and basically experimenting, but don't really have anyone to
bounce ideas off of. Would anyone be interested in starting a guild, with
regular monthly meetings? I figure more often than that might not be of much
use, considering it takes at least a month to ferment anything. It would
help all of us to improve our craft by having people that can taste and
critique our works.

Any takers?

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