[Elfsea] Miscreant Par-Tay!!!

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Thu Apr 13 17:52:41 PDT 2006

*Xian Xue is trying to write an intro and getting beat up by Yagyu-kun but then she hops around like a wierd chicken while he remains stoic and boring.  They both wave and bow.*
  Both- "Mushi-mushi!"
  Xian- "Here we are trying to get you all to turn your eyes towards our miscreant party on Sat night at Elfsea Spring Faire."  
  *Deep breath*
  *Xian Xue gets beat over the head by Yagyu-kun.*
  Yagyu- "Stop being rude, you're a gaijin too. We're nice Asian peoples, remember?"  
  *Clears throat*  
  "We invite you to a celebration of the arts."
  Xian- *Dances around with a keg.*  "I Looooooooooove the Brewer's Guiiiiild!!!"
  Yagyu- *Looks disgruntled.*
  "We invite all artists and those who apprieciate the arts, to celebrate at our little festival in suppourt of our artisains."
  Xian- *Runs around tossing masks and cloven fruit.*
  "Don't forget all the fun stuff like drinking and dancing and..."  
  *Looks around*
  "Uhmmm...Drinking and...uhm...hmmmm..."
  *Sits down to ponder the meaning of the universe in the koi pond.*
  Yagyu- "Please come and show our artisains that we apprieciate them."  
  "Thank you."
  Xian- *Jumps up and points to the heavens all dramatic like*
  "Oh yeah, and we plan on having a period mask competition so all you awsomly great artisains can get jiggy with your bad selves and show us a bit of what you're good at!"
  *Sly grin*
  "Don't forget that if we can muster up enough of them we'll have ourselves a wet chemise contest and we'll be making up some spiffy gift baskets for the winners of both contests.  So grab your party garb and come on down to the Collection of Miscreants camp to celebrate Yagyu-kun's birthday, two new members' first night as one of us, the arts, and the fun fun fuuuuuun!!!"
  Yagyu- *Rolls eyes*
  "Alright, Xian Xue, time to go back in the box again..."
  Xian- *MEEP*  
  *Insane laughter.*
  "NEVER!!!  I shall overcome all obstacles with wisdome and courage!"
  *Runs away.*
  Yagyu- *Sigh*

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