[Elfsea] Heavy Fighter Practice

Arias Yanes coltjanes at charter.net
Sat Apr 15 18:51:19 PDT 2006

Greetings and Happy Easter to one and all.

  Now is the hour of my content, for there were no overwhelming desires to set hare snares and frighten away little easter egg hunting children.  For this I thank you Elfsea, because I would have had to gone in disguise.  Something along the lines of a Black and Gold tabbard, with a gold dragon on it, with a white shirt and black work sewn in it, and a full helm, running around scaring away children by saying, oh I don't know "Get off my Land", or something along those lines.  Anyways thanks again for saving a fun filled day for the children.  There will be NO Fighter Practice tomarrow, and  I look forward to seeing you all next weekend at SpringFair.

Happy and Safe Easter,

Elfsea Knight Marshall

Lord Arias Yanes "De la Villa Lobo"

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