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Great "Brew" idea; 
  People who you haven't seen in MONTHS, ( they're probably having fun at Scarborough Faire or something) might even come up for air if there is a "brew fest".... 
   I have 2 cases (24 in each I think) of brown beer bottles that I doubt I'll ever use...ANYBODY WANT THEM? E-Mail me or call me at 972-406-0132 (first come...) I'll just give 'em to ya...I live in the LBJ/Marsh area... I just want a taste of YOUR beer after you've made it...thought at one time I was going to start making beer, but don't think it's going to happen.....I'll drink it, I'll pay for it, though I may not make it...
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Morgan Buchanan <morganbuchanan at hotmail.com> wrote:
  That's a FANTASTIC idea! Now, those of us who are experts in just one of 
these tasks just have to figure out the pattern of which meeting has the 
activitiy that is, shall we say, apropos. :)


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BTW, we had talked about have a roving brewing work shop, brewing at one
populace and drinking at the next. 
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