[Elfsea] Unrest in Elfsea

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Maestro, Maestro Dario
  It is with much respect that I am presenting myself to you. 
  I find that we may have a common interest in this "event" you are speaking of. 
  As the Marshal representative of Pharmer Jack and his borgata of fine up standing stalwarts, I find myself drawn to your offer. As the erstwhile consigliere, I propose that we make a marriage, and eliminate the cafone. 
  Crandall, Phat Olde Mouthpiece
Don Riney <dmriney at earthlink.net> wrote:
          There are many rumblings of disquieting nature in the farms and hollows of our fair and lovely land. Indeed even those individuals who would in brighter years be tending to the grapes in my vineyards now gather in clusters near the spring in hushed and urgent conversations. 
  For me a humble merchant of wines and grower of grapes these things are most disturbing. Most especially unnerving is the thought that my beloved wife, Mistress Rosalia, seems to be trying to hire away my enforce... >cough< ...loyal comrades in arms to do her bidding as well.
    However knowing how she prefers to protect the gardens and her quiet days with her "dress accessory" I find that I must needs to also look into expanding my staff.

  Soldiers of Fortune who wish to seek their fortunes in Inventory acquisition and redistribution enterprises most welcome. 
  Knowledge of treating one of our fellow countrymen to a most piscine slumber a Plus.
  Also needed are those who are adept at counting house work and have the ability to compound daily interest.  Must be willing to work with fellow employees of limited vocabulary and nearly limitless strength
  In Faith
  Maestro Dario della Campani
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